If you already have Ethereum or when you do have Ethereum and you are ready to purchase AGR Tokens, follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Create an account on any other ERC20 compatible wallet (Make Sure you have access to your Private Keys).

Step 2:
Transfer the amount of Ethereum (Min 0.01ETH) you intend buying AGR Tokens to your ERC20 compatible wallet (Refer to a list of wallets below the guideline).

Step 3:
When you have the Ethereum in your Wallet, transfer the amount of Ethereum you want to use to buy AGR Tokens to the Smart Contract address
( 0xd1a616cd3BD9Db97639ec484d843d37f2Caa3035 ).

Step 4:
After this is done under a maximum of 10mins (Depending on the ethereum network) You will automatically receive the exact worth of the ethereum sent.

Take Note of the Gas Specification Stated Below.
Gas = 80,000
Gwei = 30
Note:  You can also make use of default gas on your wallet.

Erc20 Compatible Wallet