If you already have Ethereum or when you do have Ethereum and you are ready to purchase AGLT Tokens, follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Create an account on any other ERC20 compatible wallet (Make Sure you have access to your Private Keys).

Step 2:
Transfer the amount of Ethereum (Min 0.01ETH) you intend buying AGLT Tokens to your ERC20 compatible wallet (Refer to a list of wallets below the guideline).

Step 3:
When you have the Ethereum in your Wallet, transfer the amount of Ethereum you want to use to buy AGLT Tokens to the Smart Contract address.
Click address to COPY or scan QrCode.

Step 4:
After this is done under a maximum of 10mins (Depending on the ethereum network) You will automatically receive the exact worth of the ethereum sent.

Take Note of the Gas Specification Stated Below.
Gas = 80,000
Gwei = 30
Note:  You can also make use of default gas on your wallet.

Erc20 Compatible Wallet