Want to earn some free AgroLyte Token you can partake in the following.

1) Selfdrop Airdrop:
Send 0ETH to the AgroLyte Smart Contract Address and receive 500 pieces of the AgroLyte Token.

Kindly note: Gas: 100,000 Gwei: 10

Click address to COPY.


2) Promotional Airdrop:
Participate in our Promotional Airdrop earn some AGR by getting the word out there.

To partake click the link below:

Promotional Airdrop

3) AgroLyte Ultimate Airdrop:
Get a few pieces of AgroLyte Token by Voting for us on Mercatox Exchange.

To partake click the link below:

AgroLyte Ultimate Airdrop

Important: KYC/AML might be required.

AgroLyte Ltd