About AgroLyte

AgroLyte is a Decentralized Agricultural Finance Company designed not only to provide financial aid but to ensure the provision and utilization of provided aids either financial or technological under a No Collateral System, Stress-Free Repayment and Reasonable Interest Rates. Agricultural Finance are currently being provided by Commercial Banks and Third Party Agencies providing Agricultural Finance in regions of their existence and probably in accordance with the 5Cs, Character, Capacity, Capital, Collateral and Conditions AgroLyte will be designed in Accordance with 4 of the 5Cs Replacing with a D for Decentralized, therefore, our Operating Protocol would be referred to as 4Cs and a D. Being the First of our kind AgroLyte as a Decentralized Agricultural Finance Company will provide its lenders with Loans, Agricultural Equipment, Professional Advice, AI assists Systems, A marketplace and a lot more.

Direct –Decentralized- Transparent- Near Perfect Ecosystem

AgroLyte Ecosystem will be designed to give a completely transparent and direct contact to all players in the value chain of Agricultural products starting from seed and livestock provision agencies to farmers and down the chain.

AgroLyte Ecosystem has been repeatedly stated to be created to ensure the provision of Financial Aid to Farmers and Agribusinesses around the world. Nevertheless, it goes beyond that aside providing loans the Ecosystem has a primary purpose of ensuring a stress-free period during the acquired loan period.

This follows a series of nearly endless development to ensure a perfectly safe, easily accessible and working platform to adapt to present and future Agricultural demands. We like to state here that AgroLyte Ecosystem will not be limited to just Finance, but limitless as long as Agriculture is concerned.

Tokens Details

Token Name
AgroLyte Token
Ticker Symbol
Ethereum Based
Token Type
Purchase Price
0.00035 ETH
Agricultural Finance
Minimum Purchase
0.01 ETH
1,680 ETH
28,000 ETH
Smart Contract


Problem & Solution

When it comes to the Agricultural sector there are numerous problems and we tackle each problem. A few problems stated below.


  • Documentation of Agricultural data are mostly done manually and prone to mistake.
  • Limited access to major and improved technological machinery.
  • Inefficient technological software.


AgroLyte Ecosystem
  • Our ecosystem will be created to help provide all the necessary and improved technological needs of Farmers and Agribusinesses without exceptions.


  • Reduces the chances of maximizing profits.
  • Mostly unreliable and not trustworthy.
  • Hoarding and Speculation of goods.


Elimination of Middle Men
  • Our ecosystem will be designed to completely eliminate the involvement of middlemen to further enhance the maximization of profit across the Agricultural value chain.


  • No immediate selling point of products leading to spoilage and then wastage.
  • Difficulty in acquiring the right buyers of specific produces.
  • Limitation in the transfer of produces in international trades.


AgroLyte Marketplace
  • Our ecosystem will be designed to create an immediate place where sellers and buyers of produce meet to exchange goods


Poor Funding
  • Collaterals are major setbacks for farmers and Agribusinesses due to the intricacies of Agriculture as a whole.
  • Lack of capital by farmers and Agribusinesses
  • Limited funds to maintaining and upgrading various required areas.


AgroLyte Agricultural Finance
  • This segment is where the financial aid magic happens which includes all necessary financial aid there id starting with Asset and Vehicle finance, Livestock Finance, Green Energy Project Finance Inclusive, Land and property management finance and Startup loan Finance of which AgroLyte Token will be a key factor.

Token Allocation Forecast

  • 80% Sales
  • 5% Company (Ecosystem Rewards)
  • 10% Event
  • 5% Others
  • 60% Development
  • 20% Awareness
  • 10% Expenses
  • 5% Legal
  • 3% Research
  • 2% Miscellanous

Read Our Documents

Here is our full documents that help you to understand about us.

Our Key Features

The following will be a key factor in our ecosystem to further facilitate

Collateral Free Loan

Financial Aid will be provided on collateral free bases which will be completely Stress-free under a unique repayment structure.

All in One Efficient System

AI assist and reminder system, Blockchain to provide Transparency, Traceability, Efficiency and Accurate Precision

24/7 Professional Services

Support Advice and Consultancy will be a click away and available every day of the week.

Safe & Secure

Completely 100% Impenetrable secure and safe to use by Ecosystem Participants


Our team working hard to make achieve the success of our project despite challenges, note that changes are likely to occur

2018 Q4
  • Reorganize, Reform and Inform
  • Marketing/Community Building
2019 Q1
  • Team Expansion
  • Strategic Plans/Partnerships
  • White Paper V2.0 Release
2019 Q2
  • Exchange Listing Planning
2019 Q3
  • Token Modified and Swap
  • B.E.L.E Commences
  • Exchange Listing
2019 Q4
  • B.E.L.E Conclude
  • Alpha Testing
  • AgroLyte Marketplace and Library Launch
2020 Q1
  • AgroLyte Educational Tour Commence [Africa]
  • AgroLyte Summit Tour [Western Africa]
2020 Q2
  • Beta Test
  • AgroLyte Summit Tour Continues [Northern Africa]
  • Operation Infuse Blockchain into Agriculture [OIBA] Begins
2020 Q3
  • Public Launch
  • AgroLyte Educational Summit [Global]
2020 Q4
  • Project AgroLyte Farms Commences

Executive team

The AgroLyte Team combines a passion for a better and more unique application of blockchain in a place that it is more needed; we are a team driven by vision and mission.

Ayomide Samuel
CTO and Cofounder
Ojeyemi David
Okewu Dickson
Eric k frimong
Ghana Rep and Market Analyst

Community Managers

James Harnold
Head of Community Management
Leo White
Frontend Dev & Community Manager
Jacob Nathan
Community Manager

Frequently asked questions

Below we provided answer to basic questions Regarding AgroLyte Ltd, Technology and Concept. Please get in touch using the contact form underneath in case question arise.

AgroLyte is dedicated to infusing Blockchain into Agriculture and also providing Agricultural Finance globally.

A lot is attached to this question, well this are the answers, Not only will AgroLyte infuse Blockchain into Agriculture but the entire ecosystem is dedicated to the growth of Agriculture, with the current increase in demand for food, AgroLyte is a viable solution.

Lots of deliberations are currently being done on this issue by our experts, nevertheless before or halfway through our ICO Conclusion will be made. We want the best for the future. We are currently on the Ethereum Blockchain

Our Ecosystem is to be designed in a way Farmers and Prospecting Products Buyers Bargain Directly without middlemen.

A lot a factors are to being considered by our team before stating the above percentage, Which will stated in our Whitepaper.

No, AgroLyte is a Closed Source Project. nevertheless a Few Expo will be made Open.

Simple, AgroLyte is not just a project, it is an Ecosystem, it's a fight for survival.

Yes, Indeed AgroLyte is one of the biggest movement the cryptoworld will witness.

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Contact AgroLyte

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

  • support@Agrolyte.com
  • Join us on Telegram

If you already have Ethereum or when you do have Ethereum and you are ready to purchase AGLT Tokens, follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Create an account on any other ERC20 compatible wallet (Make Sure you have access to your Private Keys).

Step 2:
Transfer the amount of Ethereum (Min 0.01ETH) you intend buying AGLT Tokens to your ERC20 compatible wallet (Refer to a list of wallets below the guideline).

Step 3:
When you have the Ethereum in your Wallet, transfer the amount of Ethereum you want to use to buy AGLT Tokens to the Smart Contract address
( 0xd1a616cd3BD9Db97639ec484d843d37f2Caa3035 ).

Step 4:
After this is done under a maximum of 10mins (Depending on the ethereum network) You will automatically receive the exact worth of the ethereum sent.

Take Note of the Gas Specification Stated Below.
Gas = 80,000
Gwei = 30
Note:  You can also make use of default gas on your wallet.

Erc20 Compatible Wallet

Want to earn some free AgroLyte Token you can partake in the following.

1) Selfdrop Airdrop:
Send 0ETH to the AgroLyte Smart Contract Address and receive 500 pieces of the AgroLyte Token.

Kindly note: Gas: 100,000 Gwei: 10


2) Promotional Airdrop:
Participate in our Promotional Airdrop earn some AGLT by getting the word out there.

To partake click the link below:

Promotional Airdrop

3) AgroLyte Ultimate Airdrop:
Get a few pieces of AgroLyte Token by Voting for us on Mercatox Exchange.

To partake click the link below:

AgroLyte Ultimate Airdrop

Important: KYC/AML might be required.

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